Saturday, October 30, 2010


Beatles drummer Pete Best signs Lennon Wall in Prague

30 June 2010
Best with the John Lennon Wall on Kampa island behind. (ČTK)

Prague, June 29 (CTK) - Pete Best, former drummer of The Beatles, signed the John Lennon Wall on Kampa island in Prague's historical centre Tuesday.

Later on Tuesday, Best had a concert with his current band in the Czech Music Museum in Prague that was held within the "Beatlemania" exhibition.

He said he came to Prague to add his signature on the Lennon Wall and to support the link between Prague and Liverpool because many Czechs visit Britain but do not go to Liverpool.

After John Lennon was murdered in 1980, people started writing love and peace slogans and making pictures on a wall in Prague centre dedicated to him. Czech communist police damaged the inscriptions and pictures regularly in the 1980s, however, Lennon's fans always renewed them again.

Best recalled the days when he played with the legendary band. He said The Beatles had undergone the crucial change during a four-month stay in Hamburg, Germany, where they played six to seven hours almost every day.

Best said he was not angry at the other players anymore for making him leave the band but that his relations with the rest of the Beatles ended due to his departure.

He said he was in no contact with Paul McCartney and that he last talked to Ringo Starr in 1962.

Ringo Starr replaced Best behind the drums in 1962.

Pete Best, now 68, played with the Beatles in 1960-1962. He was the most popular member of the band among the fans, especially the girls. As the real reason of his departure is not known, there are many theories why he was made to leave the band.

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