Friday, February 25, 2011


John was outspoken, Paul is always in the spotlight, and Ringo is just nuts. But George Harrison seemingly has often been overlooked. The 'quiet' Beatle, as he was commonly referred to, would have turned 68 today. Harrison died in 2001 after being diagnosed with lung cancer. A lifelong smoker, Harrison had previously won his fight with throat cancer in 1997, but the lung cancer, which he received treatment for until his November 2001 death, spread to his brain and was deemed inoperable.

His body was cremated following his funeral and his ashes were spread across the Ganges River in India. Harrison was passionate about Eastern philosophy and later in life became very involved in Hinduism following multiple trips to India and the surrounding countries. During his travels he began his involvement in Indian music, taking up the sitar, which he later used on several Beatles tracks (ie. "Norwegian Wood").

We miss George, but considering the Beatles' ability to defy generational gaps, his music will be appreciated for a long time.

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